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We start with grass-fed and pasture-raised meats. You add filters for the practices and products that matter to you.

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Come Home to Your Food

As humans, we’ve always been connected to our food. We started as hunters and gatherers, then became farmers. We’ve evolved with a connection between ourselves and the land, which has nourished us mind, body, and soil.

A century of industrialized agriculture has taken our food out of our backyards. With origins increasingly further from home, our food lands on grocery store shelves after traveling from all corners of the globe.

The good news is: food is still in your backyard! Local farmers and ranchers are raising animals and growing vegetables that nourish body and soil alike – all near home, in our own backyards. Find a farm near you today. 

Our Standards

We begin by ensuring that each farm and ranch has 100% grass-fed ruminants (think beef, lamb, bison) and pasture-raised pork and chicken all free from antibiotics and hormones. Dozens of filters allow you to find a farm that matches exactly what you’re looking for. You can filter by product, certifications, practices, and so much more.

Find out how to use our customizable set of filters to find the food you’re looking for, right near home, with our introductory video!

Near Home is a collective: people who have experienced the myriad of ways that local food has the power to nourish mind, body, and soil. We can connect you with a farm raising food that’s good for the land and your health, and that’s right near home. It all starts with one connection between you and a farmer to lay the ground work, nourishing your connection to nature, to health, to a community, to an ecosystem, and beyond.

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